Ask the Expert Question of the Week: Who will play in the NFC and AFC Championship games?

Ask the Expert Question of the Week: Who will play in the NFC and AFC Championship games?
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Who will play in the NFC and AFC Championship games?

AFC Championship New England @ Kansas City 

Kansas City has the best record in the AFC and are in all likely hood the #1 seed. Very tough to knock off the Chiefs in Arrowhead so they advance. And never count out the Pats. They will have to win a few playoff games, one of which will be on the road, but they can overcome anything. Don’t bet against Brady and Belichick.

NFC Championship        Green Bay @ New Orleans

New Orleans seems pretty unstoppable. Drew Brees knows this may be his last chance at a Super Bowl despite what he says about playing for many more years. The Saints seem to have a sense of purpose and even the defense is playing better. All the elements are there-run game, QB play, WRs to count on and a defense that keeps them close. The Packers, on the other hand, are going to be the team that catches fire late and wins a few in a row to advance deep in the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers may not have as many weapons as Brees does but he has been here before. His experience moves the Pack into the Championship game. 

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